FOR FAST PAYMENT PLEASE UP LOAD ALL THE DETAILS REQUIRED. मेहनत को फल पठाउन सधैं विश्वासिलो माध्यम प्रयोग गर्नुहोस् NAMASTE REMITTANCE


Who we are

Namaste Remittance is of “SHAH & Brothers PTY LTD” ACN 600292804 licensed by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Australian based business and remittance service company (AUSTRAC Registration Number:IND 100-535014 ). It’s business philosophy is to be committed to provide diligent and attentive foreign exchange service for Neplease people all over Australia. Since establishment, Namaste Remittance operated according to the law and a formal operation program, while equipped with advanced facilities and professional staff. Providing services to transfer money to Nepal and settlement needs for personal, international students and residents providing quality service and assistance.Whether it's Australian dollars to NPR and other major currencies, we can provide the best rate at the lowest cost in the shortest time possible.


Our team provides consulting services focusing on the most critical business issues.

Keep Track Of Your Money

We will update a thought-out the money transfer process. You will know exactly where your money.

Customer Services

You can easily send us a message with in platform and we will receive straight back to you. Our viber line is open in working hours.

Pay With Confidence

Namaste remittance customer support is here to support when you need us, where you need us email, live chat, we are always within reach.

Fixed Fee And Charge

We charge a fixed independent of the remittance amount.

Low Fee And Excellence

A real win-win condition when you send money.

Email Services

Sending email to customer for every process.

Why choose our Namaste Remittance services to send money:


You can experience efficient, quality, security, and professional service from our company. Check the Australian Dollar Exchange rate given by several providers before sending your money during our payment procedure. We have to keep the client information confidential and private from our end.


We use the fastest money transfer platform for your payment transaction. Our company will always keep up our words in terms of transfer fees and timing.


Our quality service has allowed us to gain popularity among wider customers globally. Before choosing our service you can check our official website and view our customer reviews by which you will understand why to choose us. With our best services we stand among the crowd of other competitors in the market globally.


We provide you with the fastest and trustable service. Our company offer speedy access of your fund through our branches that exist in different locations in Australia. Our electronic bank transfer services win the heart of each customer. We have attained high credibility and links with many banks for your convenience and comfort.

Exchange rate

Our Company Namaste Remittance always provides you with current exchange rates that are running in Nepal market only. Even you can compare our price with the other competitors who are vying in the same business.

Legally registered

Our company is a reputable firm and it has been legally registered and has a valid license to operate. We use the appropriate methods for the transfer of money. You can either deposit money at an agent’s location or collect your money at the other end in cash.


The means of sending our payment is genuine and our delivery time is perfect. We have attached the identification documents that are ready and supplied it with the details of the recipient.

Send money to Nepal through our competitive exchange rates:

Namaste Remittance is the Australian Based business and remittance service company. This company is licensed by Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The business philosophy of our company is to deliver foreign exchange services especially for Nepalese people that exist all over the world. Namaste Remittance is the company that delivers services according to law and formal operation program. We offer quality services of transfer money and fulfil the settlement needs of personal and international students.

Send money to Nepal from Australia through our money transfer system:

Whether you are exchanging Australian dollars to NPR or any other major currency Namaste Remittance is committed to providing you with the most competitive rates, all while ensuring affordability, speed and exceptional service. We follow modern platform for the transaction of payment. Our team is available for you 24 hours for customer support. If you have any query you can drop a message we will reach to you as soon as possible.Whether you are exchanging Australian dollars to NPR or any other major currency Namaste Remittance is committed to providing you with the most competitive rates, all while ensuring affordability, speed and exceptional service. We follow modern platform for the transaction of payment. Our team is available for you 24 hours for customer support. If you have any query you can drop a message we will reach to you as soon as possible.

Charge fixed fees at floating Australian dollar currency rate in the market:

Our services are transparent for each customer. You can register with us, and then upload your documents that required. You can fill the form in which you can mention your deposit amount. We charge limited fees for the transaction of payment. You can check our Australian Dollar currency rates before doing any transaction.

Exchange rate in Nepal varies from time to time but we prevent from major losses:

The most crucial aspect of dealing with money is the responsibility it carries. Our professional agency always ensures that your cash is in good hands. Also, be certain that none of your personal or professional information is shared with a third party throughout the transaction.

Notify by Email services to each client:

In the case of an urgent payment delivery, the speed of transfer is critical. But Namaste Remittance can guarantee you that your money is our top concern. The total time required may vary depending on banking hours and business days. We have to send email customer to clients for every transaction of payment.

Nepal from

Different ways adopted by our company to send money to Nepal from Australia:

More Info
Bank Transfer

For bank transactions, you need to show valid proof of income such as a bank statement and other authentic documents for the transfer of funds. There has to limit of payment to send to the recipient. There is a need to mention your full name, address, mobile number, and account details. You have to indicate the reason for sending money. There is a need for email also.

Online Wallets:

In the modern era. Online wallets can be used to transfer funds. But your wallet should be linked to your mobile number before doing any transaction. Users can easily send payments with this online wallet option. There are different apps these days to do these types of transactions.

Money Transfer Services:

In the modern era, mobile money services are the appropriate option for the transaction of funds. Mobile wallets have been used to send and receive money by using mobile phones. This feature is available in smartphones.

To pay from a mobile is just like sending a text message; it is an easy and simple method. Mobile money has to store funds by using the secure electronic system but your mobile number should be linked with the wallet number. Before transferring the funds, please confirm that your recipient has the correct mobile number.



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Is there any transaction amount limit for trading in your company?

If I am not in Melbourne, can I do business with your company?

Why choose us?

What information of receiver do I need to provide during the remittance?

What are our advantages compared with Australian banks and other similar businesses?

Namaste Remittance can provide you with a more competitive exchange rate to minimize your costs in transaction. In addition, Namaste can provide more flexible trading and services models than banks and ordinary similar remittance with faster service and lower service fees.

If the receiver account I provided is wrong, will my funds be at risk?

Please notify Namaste Remittance immediately, we will help you to re-transfer to the correct account after receiving the refunds. Also, if we receive a refund first, we will contact you to arrange a further remittance. Of course, we also remind you that when you first submit your account information to us, please make sure that the information is accurate as much as possible.

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Our team provides consulting services focusing on the Nepal remittance.

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